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What we do:

At Against the Grain, we do our best to honor the heritage and craft of hand bookbinding. We use the finest materials available to bring you high quality bookbinding, box making, book restoration and book repair services.

Bookbinding and Box Making

ATG uses traditional hand binding techniques with beautiful materials such as Japanese bookcloth, fine leathers, and decorative papers from around the world to create a personalized touch for your project. For professional bindings we have a wide selection of library buckrams, linens, and faux or bonded leathers for your design needs.

Binding and Box projects include:

  • Short Stories and Poetry Books

  • Photo Books and Boxes

  • Slipcases

  • Clamshells

  • Portfolios

  • Bibles

  • Family Histories and Genealogies

  • Cookbooks

  • Medical and Legal

  • Journals

  • Wedding Albums

  • Corporate Documents

  • Dissertations and Theses

Book Restoration, Repair and more...

Our much-loved books, documents, and paper ephemera can sustain damage over time. The elements can be hard on many of the older materials that antique books are made of. That’s where ATG comes in, and whether it’s a Victorian age family bible, a mid-century cookbook, a collectable first addition, a rare 300-year-old tome, or your beloved personal bible we can repair it. We do our best to maintain the character of the original binding so your book remains familiar but also usable.


Paper items such as documents, maps, scrolls, and souvenirs can also benefit from our services. ATG can take care of any repair from the simplest to a more complex restoration.

The best way to begin the process and get a quote is to send an email with any photos you can take and a description of the problems, include the title and publication date. Send the email to or call (505) 281-5737. We try to respond to emails and messages within 48 hours.


19th Century First Edition Tom Sawyer

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